Fast casual’s proud iconoclast continues to challenge sector conventions with adjustments to each unit’s setting. A branch serving Washington, D.C.’s hip new “micro-hotel,” Hotel Hive, for instance, features a breakfast menu of sweet and savory a.m. pizzas, cold-pressed juices, yogurt and fruit. The chain received an infusion of growth capital last year from RSE Ventures, which &pizza has invested in talent development and opening units in New York, Miami and Boston, according to a spokesperson.

LocationWashington, D.C.
2017 Systemwide Sales ($000,000)$29*
YOY Sales Change42.8%
2017 U.S. Units26
YOY Unit Change36.8%
2017 Average Unit Volume ($000)$1,300*
Future 50 Year2018

*Technomic estimate

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